How Deep Sentinel Is Protecting Families And Preventing Crime


David Sellinger, CEO and founder​ of Deep Sentinel, explains why your family deserves a state-of-the-art security system.

Deep Sentinel
David Sellinger

Deep Sentinel is a next generation security system, pairing artificial intelligence with human intervention to fix home security for good.

Patch caught up with David Sellinger, CEO and founder of Deep Sentinel, to hear his captivating story about why he built the reliable security system and how it’s keeping families safe:

In 2016, I learned a family in my neighborhood had a home invasion.

It was guns. Masks. Family. Hands tied.

I was stunned, scared.

I live in a nice, suburban Pleasanton neighborhood where about the most exciting thing that might happen is someone’s teenager speeds through a stop sign and gets a traffic ticket.

How in the world, out of all neighborhoods, did this happen right in my backyard?

Being one to keep my family safe, I volunteered at the neighborhood watch meeting to do some research and come up with recommendations of what to do.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the research that followed became the foundation of Deep Sentinel.

I was appalled at the technology stagnancy of the home security market — and even more surprised at how little law enforcement was able to use the available solutions. I started interviewing cops and retired officers and spoke with local community police officers.

They all verified what I was hearing: Burglar alarms are 90 percent false alarms, so in most districts, calls to cops are not prioritized. Security cameras (even the new ones like DropCam, Nest and Ring) were at best only being used to improve reports by adding high-resolution images or videos of the suspect.

But nothing in the market could really do what I wanted: to protect my family and prevent a crime before anyone else’s families were affected at all.

Enter Deep Sentinel.

I built the security system I wanted for my family. And now it’s ready for yours. It’s the fastest, most reliable crime prediction and prevention system ever.

That’s a bold claim. I stand by it.

Our proprietary AI saves our agents time by removing false alarms like cars, your neighbor walking her dog or a deer jumping over your back fence. Our LiveSentinel™ surveillance agents are review and engage only with real and potential security threats to you and your family. We prevent crime before it occurs. When we contact police, it’s with a verified crime-in-progress, and they respond accordingly.

It’s a premium product at a DIY price. My family — and your family — deserve nothing less.

CEO & Founder
Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel’s home security system uses AI to detect and stop burglaries
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