15 Horrifying Celebrity Yoga Pant Fails You Can’t Unsee


Everybody loves yoga pants. Whether it’s jumping out to the shops or heading to the gym, they are perfect for making everything look great while also being super comfortable. However, there can be times when the tight material might be a little too constricting and show off more than we ever expected. Check out our list of celebs who showed off a little too much with their yoga pants.

Kim Kardashian

Kim told The Telegraph, “I look back at photos and I want to cringe when I matched, like, turquoise eyeshadow with a turquoise sweater with turquoise flowers in my hair. Like, I was so bizarre.” She added, “If I could go back (in time) I’d just be classic. That’s why I try to dress my daughter classic so she can look back at her baby pictures when she’s older and know that she was dressed so simple and cute.”

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has been in headlines recently for her rocky relationship with Rob Kardashian, but she had this interesting photos snapped of her in yoga pants. She told Elle magazine, “I always liked having my own money and buying my own stuff. I didn’t want to depend on somebody to do it for me.” Her agent Sujit Kundu revealed, “If everyone I worked with had her hustle, my company would be a thousand times bigger. She’s probably among the top five most driven people that I work with.”

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter, from the TV series Modern Family, is often spotted around West Hollywood in her yoga pants. Winter has, however, had issues with body image. Her essay for the website motto.com read, “Having so much weight on my frame was affecting me psychologically. I was uncomfortable and unhappy. It wasn’t because I didn’t like how I looked.” She added, ‘Women are already over-sexualized and I grew into my body so young. I was 13, 14 years old and I looked 19. Suddenly, people didn’t want to talk about my job – they just wanted to talk about my cleavage.”

Chloe Moretz

At the time the photo was taken, she was dating Brooklyn Beckham, son of David Beckham. An insider told The Sun, “(Brooklyn) was besotted with (Chloe) at first, but as time wore on Chloe wanted to become more serious and given he lives on the other side of the Atlantic, it was something he couldn’t offer.But, like any youngsters in a relationship, there wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they get back together.”

Paris Hilton

Since her time in the limelight, Paris Hilton has sold over $2 billion worth of perfume and has also opened 50 “Paris Hilton” stores in over 40 different countries. Yet, she still has her issues with yoga pants. With a net worth of $100 million, you would think she could afford some better quality yoga pants when she’s out in public.

Elle Macpherson


Now at 52 years old, she believes it’s better to appear natural than to have too much plastic surgery. The supermodel and mother-of-two revealed told The Telegraph, “I’ve learned that a good smile, good teeth, good hair, good skin, a good mood are worth a thousand injectables and Botox and facials and masks.”

Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf has spoken out regularly about his feelings on fame and how he doesn’t particularly like it. During a Q&A at The Tribeca Film Festival, he said, “As a celebrity, I am not an individual – I am a spectacular representation of a living human being, the opposite of an individual. The enemy of the individual, in myself as well as in others. The celebrity is the object of identification, with the shallow seeming life that has to compensate for the fragmented productive specializations that are actually lived.”

Iggy Azalea

There’s no denying that Iggy Azalea has had some work done. She confessed that she had breast enlargement surgery which she said she had been “thinking about all my life.” The Fancy singer admitted she was tired of adding padding to her stage costumes to boost her natural assets permanently instead. She also revealed that a surgeon suggested she had a nose job but she flatly refused.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey might have been feeling an extra pinch from down low when she rocked a bright red pair of yoga pants for a live performance. However, this was not the first time Mariah had been left embarrassed following a live performance. She rang in the New Year performing in front of a large crowd in Times Square, the Emotions singer belted out her song but a technical glitch with the backing track left her red-faced and unable to lip-sync her way through the set. She later updated on Instagram, “Sh*t happens… Have a happy and healthy new year everybody!… Here’s to making more headlines in 2017…”

Christina Milian

Christina Milian is the ex-girlfriend of rapper Lil Wayne. She told Huffington Post, “(Her first love) would speak down to me by saying how great other women were. It gets in your head. He started talking down about my friends so bit by bit, I was getting rid of my friends. When I look at it now, I was very naive and innocent at 18 years old. He was great at making me feel bad about anything positive I had ever done.”

Lisa Rinna

Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Lisa Rinna was caught out revealing a bit too much in bright pink yoga pants following a post-gym session. When the conversation moved onto co-star Kim Kim Richards’s sobriety, she threatened, “Let’s talk about the husband. If you don’t want it out for everybody to know, you better watch what you talk about me, or everybody will know.” Lisa then exploded, she snapped, “Let me tell you something – don’t touch my husband, ever” before sending shards of glass flying across the table in dramatic fashion.

Kylie Jenner

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie choked back her tears and said, “I just feel like I’ve been dealing with anxiety for so long. Some people are born for this life and some people aren’t. I just know I’m not supposed to be famous.” When Kylie complained, “I’m over not being able to go out and be normal for a second. I just can’t remember what it’s like to go out and have nobody know who I am.” Her sister Khloe told her straight, “Trust me, you’re going to hate it.”

Mickey Rourke

The actor has tried to shake off his own personal demons throughout his life, battling with alcohol and drug addiction during a painful divorce from his second wife, supermodel Carre Otis, in the late 90s. He told GQ, “I’ve had two and a half strikes. I’m not going back to the hell I was living before – no goddamn way. It’s no fun being a loser. Trust me.”

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara was caught out by the paparazzi as she boarded a plane in – well let’s just say…full view. This wasn’t the first time Vergara had been caught out in public suffering an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. in 2013, she was due on stage to collect an Outstanding Comedy Emmy award for Modern Family, but her ball gown had split and her whole backside was on display for everyone to see.

Anne Hathaway

When this photo was taken, Anne Hathaway was leaving the gym in New York City, likely on such an adrenaline high that she didn’t feel any discomfort from below. However, her extremely tight yoga pants were enough to make anyone’s head turn. Hathaway is not a huge fan of the paparazzi and will probably hate them even more after seeing photos like these.

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