15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Stephanie The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See



Born on September 24th, 1976, perhaps not even her father himself, Vince McMahon, could have imagined what Stephanie would turn out to become. She began outside of the business, earning a degree in Communications from the University of Boston. Shortly after, her WWE ride began as she was employed for a job at the head office, working in the sales department.

Thanks to the mind of Vince Russo, Stephanie would be encouraged to join the company on-screen. Say what you will about Russo, but his idea changed the business forever. Stephanie would go on to become one of the greatest heels of the 2000s and is still at the top of her game nowadays.

As the Chief Branding Officer, Steph has helped to change the course of the business. Her job is to put the WWE on a global stage and that’s easier to do when your company is PG and internally clean. Much to the displeasure of fans, she’s not only cleaned up the business, but cleaned up her own act in the last couple of years.

Instead of celebrating change, we’re gonna take a look back at the times when Stephanie wasn’t all that PG. These pictures are from an array of moments, whether it be the Attitude Era, her run as SmackDown’s GM or a casual photo shoot which shows the advocate for woman in power wearing minimal amounts of clothing. These are 15 “not so PG” pictures of Stephanie that the WWE doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!


After being pinned by her own husband during a triple threat match, Stephanie was forced to leave the WWE. She would ultimately return to the company during the brand split serving as the General Manager for the SmackDown brand. Two noticeable changes took place when she returned.O ne, Steph was a fan favorite and two, her chest looked a lot bigger than we remembered.

She didn’t confirm it at the time, but surely Steph got a little surgery done during her brief hiatus from the company. This picture proves that, with Stephanie showing a serious amount of cleavage. We won’t see Steph wear a similar shirt today with the PG climate, but she was prone to such wardrobe choices back in the 2000s during her run as a babyface GM. It’s something we’ll probably never see again.

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