19 Cat Posts We Dare You Not To Laugh At


Cats are maybe the funniest creatures around and they don’t even try.

Sometimes just the way a cat looks at you is enough to send someone into hysterics.

There’s definitely no shortage of hilarious cat posts online, and especially on the social media site Tumblr.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite cat posts from Tumblr and put them all into one spot for you.

Get ready to laugh out loud.

[WARNING: some posts may contain explicit language]

1. I never knew cats could melt!

2. That last one!!

3. He just wants some help!!

4. The Meow-fia

5. When you get home from work on a Friday.

6. It’s the mother of all heating pads, that’s for sure.

7. Maybe she’s mad that you’re about to wake up all her babies!!

8. Shocking!!

9. Cats come in liquid form.

10. This is false advertising.

11. This cat is my spirit animal.

12. There’s a lot to look at here.

13. I didn’t know you could grow cats!

14.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

15. My cat doesn’t even like water…

16. You’ve been found out!!!!!

17. Call this a glitch in the system.

18. HOW!?

19. Give me fries or give me death!!

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