The Problems of Being Beautiful



sours: Katelyn 

People often seem to disregard the Beautiful peoples suffering. They seem to think that since we look a certain way, that we cannot have problems. I know that this Article may not do very well, as people will get upset that I could possibly be complaining about being something that is praised and awed at by the masses, But here’s a list of problems that come with being ( to the masses ) an attractive person :

1. Assumptions
People make assumptions, they just assume that you are stupid because you are pretty. They also assume that you cannot have any “real-life” problems as you are seen as privileged. You don’t have to worry about looking nice because you already do. You don’t have to worry about fitting a certain image, because, in my case, you already do. You don’t have to worry about people fancying you, because, they assume, they already do. And it’s true, I don’t have to worry about that, I never have, but insecurity does still exist in my life, so –
2. Insecurity
I’m constantly insecure that people are only talking to me because I look good. I’m cautious with every friend I make that they may want something more from me. Something I have personally struggled with is the fact that people around me get complimented on things like humour and personality, things that they could control, I’d get complimented on my appearance, something I cannot control. The problem comes when you realise when you realise that beauty is merely temporary. Which brings me to
3. Temporary
Beauty is Temporary, as is every material thing. Which is why I take care of my self so much. If I get a spot, I freak out a bit because I know that for a couple of days I may not be so attractive; I moisturise as much as I can because I dread the day I get wrinkles. I’m not saying that I think that acne or wrinkles are unattractive, I’m saying that most people do, and I’m scared of not being considered the pretty one anymore. That brings me to my final point
4. Age
I’m scared that as I grow older, and fit less and less with the beauty standards in British culture today ( similar to American I think. ) I’m scared because I have never been complimented on anything other than my appearance. I’m scared that all I have is my appearance, and as that goes, I’m left with nothing. I will be old, traditionally unattractive and boring.

Love, Katelyn

sours : Katelyn 

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