The 20 sexiest NSFW movies on Amazon Prime


It’s not easy to find porn on Amazon Prime. The e-commerce giant is designed to sell your products you didn’t realize you needed—not to help you find smut to get off to. Unlike the porn on Netflix, Amazon doesn’t have a “Steamy” category to narrow down your search either. In fact, there are no sub-categories at all. If you want to search on Amazon, you have to search by genre and nothing else. And even then, Amazon has considerably less to work with than Netflix.

The exception would be Amazon’s foreign film library, which came in handy for this list. If you like getting turned on while reading subtitles, you’re about to have a newfound appreciation for your Amazon Prime membership. I scrolled through more than 1,400 listing to find the sexiest movies on Amazon Prime. Unlike Netflix, Amazon currently doesn’t have any streaming movies we could find that feature unsimulated sex. However, there’s plenty of almost-porn to be found.


1) The Case of Unfaithful Klara (2009)

Jealousy is a nasty thing, but it’s a fine inspiration for a sexy film. In The Case of Unfaithful Klara, a young musician hires a private detective to follow around his sexy girlfriend, who he fears is cheating on him. If things went smoothly, you wouldn’t have a film to watch. While the synopsis probably makes this sound like soapy garbage, The Case of Unfaithful Klara features a remarkable cast, including Iain Glen of Game of Thrones. Worth a view for the brief bathtub scene alone, this is a surprisingly thoughtful drama that just happens to be packed with hot sex scenes. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice subtle details in the filming that delineate which character’s perspective we’re see Klara from. The rest of you will like all the bottoms.


2) Come Undone (2010)

Anna has a wonderful life, but she’s bored out of her mind. Her husband is a kind and devoted man, but she’s no longer attracted to him. Work pays very little and takes up a lot of her time. But Domenico? He brings her joy. There’s just one problem. He’s not her husband. And when you’re poor and busy carving out time for an affair can prove complicated. This Italian romantic drama was an official selection at the Berlin Film Festival, and it’s easy to understand why when you lay your eyes on its beautiful cinematography. Come Undone is a human tale of the consequences of lust, and you’ll be thankful you have tissues nearby in more ways than one.


3) Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

Basic Instinct is one of the finest examples of a movie that’s both viciously erotic and thrilling. Not so for Basic Instinct 2. Reportedly the film was a nightmare to make, and what shows up on screen is an absurd murder mystery that makes the original seem calm and even-handed. Thankfully, Sharon Stone is still a being of pure sexual energy, injecting eroticism into even the dumbest moments of plot. If sometimes you to want to turn off your brain and watch an orgy during a murder mystery, Basic Instinct 2 is a trashy B-movie delight.


4) Gia (1998)

This HBO made-for-TV biopic features a star-making performance from Angelina Jolie as ’70s supermodel Gia Carangi. Carangi was a high school dropout who became the biggest models in America before drug addiction and mental health issues took her out in the prime of her life. Jolie turns in a stunning performance, and the film’s examination of Carangi’s sexuality is erotic and, at times, sad.

5) Sliver (1993)

Sharon Stone may have set the standard for sexual blockbusters with Basic Instinct, but the sadly overlooked Sliver is not without its erotic charm. In 1993, the privacy issues surrounding cameras being everywhere felt sort of paranoid, but in 2017, the film has a strange air of voyeuristic prognostication. A woman moves into a new building, unaware that the building’s friendly owner has hidden cameras in each apartment. Could he be the serial killer who has been plaguing the city, or is there other people in her life she can’t trust? Sliver is undeniably melodrama, but it’s incredibly hot drama.


6) Extase (2009)

Of all the films on this list, Extase is easily the strangest, an existential French art film about a woman’s quest to reawaken her faith in God, largely by locking herself in a room with her lover. The sex scenes are hot, but the dreamy, ethereal quality of the storytelling may prove distracting for some viewers. If you’re willing to buy into the premise, Extase is a pretentious pill to swallow, but for viewers with a taste for the bizarre, it’s worth it. Depending on how much art you’re willing to accept with your erotica, this might prove to be the start of an exciting evening.


7) Rendez-Vous (2015)

When Simone inherits a rundown farmhouse in the French countryside, it seems like a dream come true for her family. They set out to renovate the place into a bed and breakfast. It’s a perfect if boring life, until Simone catches the eye of a handsome contractor who is helping fix up the place. This twisting thriller examines the intersection of love and lust with a surprising subtlety, taking its sweet time getting to the love scenes. When they happen, you’ll understand why it was worth the wait. And don’t worry, if you’re worried too many of the films on this list show adultery in a positive light, stick around for the final reel.

8) NSFW (2014)

At 70 minutes, NSFW is the shortest film on this list, but it’s also one of the most interesting. Elenore is a young woman living in New York City, squeaking out a living as an online sex worker, posting nude selfies to a for-pay blog and role-playing with fans. With her girlfriend wanting her to settle down, Elenore begins a complicated sexual relationship with Eugene, a married man in a sexless rut just looking to explore his fantasies. When their roleplaying takes on a life of its own, Elenore is forced to confront what she wants before she loses everything. NSFW explores kink thoughtfully, treating fetishes as something to respect and largely staying away from patriarchal judgments of sex workers. While lacking in traditional graphic sex, NSFW’s kink scenes are a hot alternative for people looking to explore their wilder side.


9) Stealing Heaven (1988)

When Abelard falls in love with his student Héloïse at Notre Dame in 12th-century Europe, the duo must keep their lusty passions secret. Héloïse becomes pregnant, however, leaving their secret relationship impossible to hide and setting in motion a suspenseful and tragic ending. Stealing Heaven’s love scenes are beautifully shot and tinged with a blasphemous edge due to the film’s religious setting. If you feel guilty for watching, don’t worry—everyone gets punished.


10) Never Forever (2007)

Never Forever tests the limits of what a film can deal with in terms of sadness and still be considered erotic, but its sex scenes are undeniable. Vera Farmiga stars as Sophie, a woman whose husband is suffering from a deep depression due to his inability to get her pregnant. When a fertility doctor is unwilling to inseminate her in secret, she strikes up an affair with an illegal immigrant she meets at her clinic. What starts at a paid sex in an attempt to have a baby becomes a protracted affair, as Sophie finds solace from her husband’s depression in the arms of another man. David McInnis gives a heart-rending performance as Sophie’s husband Andrew, while Ha Jung-woo’s striking sympathetic portrayal as the other man gives the role an empathetic energy that a lesser actor might not have been able to pull off.


11) A Very Natural Thing (1974)

A Very Natural Thing is remarkable for being one of the first gay films intended for mainstream distribution. Kicking off at the 1973 New York City Gay Pride parade, the film begins as almost a documentary, chronicling an important time in American LGBTQ history. But as the parade ends, the story shifts focus to David, a school teacher who recently left his life at a monastery, as he explores his burgeoning homosexuality. A Very Natural Thing is an artifact of the era before AIDS, focusing on issues of polyamory, ‘70s gay liberation, and the place of traditional relationships in the community. It’s a priceless piece of history for its archival footage, but if you’re just here for the sexy stuff, it features plenty of passionate love scenes and casual full frontal male nudity. That alone makes it an outlier on this list.


12) The Rowdy Girls (2000)

For many horny teens in the ‘90s, Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, and Deanna Brooks are the holy trinity of late-night softcore cinema. This 2000 direct-to-video B-western joins them together to fight evil in 1886 as the Rowdy Girls, a sex band of outlaws fighting to earn a living in the Wild West. This is 100 percent a softcore porn film—but a shockingly entertaining one full of absurdly staged, low-budget action scenes and fake breasts that are certainly not of the period. If the heavy films on this list have got you down The Rowdy Girls is just the kind of mindless nudity to lift your spirits.


13) The Handmaiden (2016)

This erotic thriller comes from the twisted mind of Park Chan-wook, who brought Old Boyand Sympathy for Lady Vengeance to the nightmares of viewers around the world. Like each of Park Chan-wook’s other films giving away too much of the plot would be a massive disservice to viewers, just know the sex scenes in this movie have earned it an NC-17 if it wasn’t unrated. At its heart, this is a film about a long con, but wrapped around that story is an intensely sensual tail of seduction and cultural warfare. The Handmaiden is one of the finest films on this list. Even if you’re not interested in nudity, you need to set aside time to give it a watch.


14) Amour Fou (2009)

Nadja is stretching herself too thin. Between photography school, freelance work, and helping pay her mother’s bills life has become stressful. To fight off her daily life at night Nadja goes dancing, where she meets Darius, a sexually adventurous young man who soon becomes the center of her universe. Can their relationship survive the struggles of life, or will they break up, leaving us with just the memories of the numerous hot sex scenes in this film? Amour Fou is a dark and occasionally somber film, but it’s beautifully shot and acted. Besides, at this point in the list, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that most of the best nudity on streaming services comes wrapped in a sad foreign film.


15) Bolero (1984)

Bolero is a fun classic, though not necessarily because it’s a good film. The root of its popularity is mainly due to Bo Derek’s excellent (and numerous) nude scenes, including one particularly memorable moment involving honey. Following a young heiress on her journey of sexual awakening, Derek’s adventures take her into the arms of an Arabian sheik and a Spanish bullfighter as she travels the world. The cinematography is beautiful, and while the story is silly, it’s silly in sexy way. Turn off your brain for a few hours and Bolero is a great date movie to laugh along with.


16) Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends (2016)


This hyper low-budget dramedy may not have enough sex to qualify as a softcore porn, but it certainly tests the limits. Late-night cable fans will appreciate the appearance of Julian WellsOtherwise, this is a standard “what’s it all mean when you have to grow up” romcom you’ve seen a hundred times before. Except the sex scenes are well done, with far more humor and kink than you might anticipate from the title. Wells has a particularly out-there scene involving a bunny suit and a carrot that has to be seen to be believed.


17. Almost Anything (2016)

For anyone who’s ever wondered what a night of partner-swapping would be like, Almost Anything provides you the sexy flirting and thoughtful arguments that come with it, all without ever risking damage to your friend group. On a spontaneous weekend getaway, a group of old pals considers making it a weekend of sexual liberation, pushing the limits of their relationships, friendships, and sexuality. This film is more about build up than release, so don’t expect any pornographic sex. But if you get turned on by flirting and potential, Almost Anything is a thoughtful and sweetly erotic film.


18. Dangerous Love Deed (2013)

The Korean thriller Dangerous Love Deed follows a professor who strikes up a heated but furious affair with one of his students. Focusing on the emotional damage of jilted lovers, Dangerous Love Deed almost ends up more disturbing than more violent films. But the sex scenes, though rare, are hot and passionate, giving weight to the character’s motivations.


19. Dirty Dancing (1987)

The film that launched a thousand teenage fantasies is now streaming on Amazon. Dirty Dancing is a classic film, but it’s most remarkable for how incredibly erotic it is without ever showing anything particularly graphic on-screen. Instead, viewers are treated to a slow-burning seduction set across the backdrop of a summer getaway. Stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey build their smoldering passion one dance lesson at a time. The film takes a few darker twists than you probably remember, including a hamfisted abortion subplot, but all is forgiven when these lovelorn teens start dancing.


20) What Other Couples Do (2013)

Polyamory and swinging are having a bit of a cultural moment thanks to porn, Tinder, and a general cultural openness to discussing the idea. In What Other Couples Do, four married couples in L.A. play a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven with each other’s spouses, with hysterical and touching results. If you need nudity to find eroticism, look somewhere else. But if you can find heat radiating from a situation, What Other Couples Do is a sensual movie for an unconventional date night.

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