Female Cop’s Scandalous Double Life Revealed


Cop With A Secret

Officer Samantha Sepulveda was a distinguished member of her police department, but everything changed when her fellow officers found out about her dirty little secret.

Immigrating From The DR

Samantha Sepulveda arrived in the U.S. at the young age of 5. Her mother had come to New York from the Dominican Republic to work in a factory. This allowed Samantha and her young sister to have every opportunity to thrive.

College Star

As a young girl, Samantha always enjoyed sports. This love payed off for her when she received a LaCrosse scholarship to the University of Massachusetts. She also earned her BA in management, and followed it up with her masters in finance from Hofstra University.

Small But Strong

Standing a diminutive 5-foot-2-inches tall, Samantha was deceptively tough. This fact would certainly help her in her future career…

 After Graduation

After her graduation from Hofstra, Samantha realized that she didn’t want to be in finance. She decided to go down a different path, and become a police officer.

Civil Servant

Her decision was made primarily because she wanted to help people. Being a stockbroker on wall street simply wouldn’t allow her to do that.

Freeport Police Department

After her time in Police Academy, Samantha joined the Freeport P.D. in Long Island, New York. It wasn’t what she had studied for, but she found this job to be far more rewarding.

 Early Struggles

As a woman, being a police officer is tough, but it was even tougher for a petite beauty like Samantha. After working hard, and doing her job well, she was eventually able to overcome the stereotypes that followed her.


With great interpersonal skills, Samantha was able to thrive in the world of criminal justice. While she wasn’t as intimidating as some of her counterparts, she found that this was actually an advantage in some cases.

On Duty

When she’s on duty, Samantha makes sure to be as masculine as possible. She pulls her hair back and doesn’t wear makeup. Plus, her baggy uniform hides all of her curves.

Giving In

During an arrest, one criminal gushed that she was the hottest cop that he had ever seen. She went on to make the arrest. Her beauty has helped her on several occasions and it is very tough to hide…

 Start In Modeling

In 2013, the sexy brunette began her secret identity as a model. She was invited to a fashion show for a lingerie company, and her career took off from there.


Samantha began her new career just three years after becoming a police officer. She found her new work to be just as empowering as her day job.

 New Opportunities

Sam’s new career allowed her to explore the world, but she still needed to schedule her trips on her off days. Her job performance never suffered.

Found Out

When her colleagues found out about her secret, the teasing was endless. They did come around to support her in the end though.

Cognitive Dissonance

Samantha soon realized that public perception was unfair in this situation. Fellow officers had second jobs in other occupations, but for some reason, the public didn’t understand that modeling is a job too.

Ignoring The Critics

“If people find it offensive, they can close their eyes!” Samantha stood up to her critics, and went on to explain that she believed that she was not objectifying but celebrating a woman’s body.

Her Book

Sam has been working on a book outlining her struggles as a female police officer. She hopes “American Beauty” will help to inspire young girls and boys to become their best selves.

 Charity Work

On top of her work on her book, Samantha is also putting her time into a project that will build sustainable energy plants in Thailand. Finally, she was able to put her financial skills to good use.

 Going Viral

During her time as a model, she has gained over 270k followers on Instagram! Plus, she has been featured in Maxim, as well as being interviewed on many media platforms.

 Hard Work

Sam has put in a lot of work to get to where she’s at. Besides her work to gain her master’s, she has also put in the work to be a good cop. On top of all of that, she has a strict fitness regimen to stay in such fantastic shape.

 An Inspiration

Samantha’s story should inspire all of us to follow our dreams no matter what. Do what you enjoy, and ignore the critics.


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