Donkey Chews on McLaren Sports Car…Causing Almost 6 Grand in Damages!



Everyone learns something from their mistakes. Take for example all those times you accidentally parked in a no-parking zone and ended up having to pay a fine. Lesson learned, right? Well, for this German car owner, a big mistake nearly cost him a very, very hefty price tag—€5,800 ($6,865) to be exact! Keep reading to find out the hilarious culprit behind this mishap.

Donkey Chews on McLaren After Mistaking It for a Huge Carrot

Law enforcers believe that Vitus the donkey could have mistaken the orange McLaren for a giant carrot. The owner of the luxury sports car parked his vehicle next to the donkey’s enclosure one sunny day—a decision he would later regret.

Speaking to German news publication Bild, car owner Markus Zahn said he looked into the rear-view mirror and was startled to see a pair of fluffy ears. To his shock, the donkey started to gnaw at his fender.

Not sure if Vitus was a ploy sent by McLaren’s competitor Mercedes, or if he was simply famished that he couldn’t help but feast on an expensive car!

Fortunately, the McLaren dealer covered most of the repair bill, which ran all the way up to an outstanding £26,000 ($35,000). But there was still a balance of over £5,000 ($6,700) that needed to be taken care of after his insurance company claimed that Zahn could have chosen a better parking spot.

Desperate, Zahn decided to ask the Donkey’s owners for money and even took matters to court. In the end, it was Vitus’s owners who took care of the rest of the bill.

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Things might have worked on the car owner’s favor (bills considered), but at the end of the day, everyone knows who the real ass of this story is. Maybe next time, Zahn could spare people the trouble and pick a better—and donkey-free—parking area for his luxury car.

Zahn isn’t alone in his animal troubles. A lot of bizarre car insurance claims have come out in the news recently, from a rhino attack to a mob of angry monkeys attacking a family car!

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