20 Worst Tourist Photos Ever


Just when you thought some of your vacation pictures were bad, take a look at these! They’ll make you feel better.

Don’t worry ladies, he just wanted a group hug! This is a look of pure fear!All these girls here think there’s like a great white behind them or something.

Riding an elephant seems to be on most people’s bucket lists, but riding an elephant while an elephant rides another elephant probably isn’t what these people had in mind…

I’m sure she was pleasantly surprised to see this photo once it was developed. This memory will last a lifetime.

Hey, look out for that… nevermind. Yes family, this is the ocean! You’ve probably never seen it before but there are waves here… You gotta look out for them.

They really couldn’t have timed it any better. How do tourists do it? They just look like idiots pretty much anywhere they go. Seriously, just be a human!


I guess some people are into this…But leave it at home next time!

This guy is having some fun…At the expense of the nice people taking a picture on the other side of the bull!

This kid probably likes Dreamworks a lot better today. C’mon Mickey, get a clue! If the kid is lying on the ground crying you might not want to try and freak them out more… Back up!


Talk about a tourist trap! This is actually a tourist attraction at Blarney Castle! You’re supposed to kiss the Blarney Stone to give you the gift of eloquence. At least they put up bars to keep the tourists from falling through all the time!


You know those families who wear the same obnoxiously colored t-shirt to Disneyland so they don’t lose each other? This is worse than that. How many pairs of binoculars does this family have!

This is the best! Going to a super touristy place like this and just watching people act crazy. My favorite is the old man in the corner who really doesn’t look like he wants to be doing that pose.


Best tourist photo of them all! Behold! The tiniest Eiffel Tower in the world…

High waisted shorts… Glasses… And Hair… This family needs some serious help. Also of all places to go on vacation, South Dakota? Really?



Well, when in California, right? Nope! Getting a tattoo while on vacation can be cool. Just think about it next time!


“Alright everyone put on your bucket heads, we’re going to the fourth of July parade and I don’t want to loose y’all!” Stop! Take the bucket off your head!


Everything is wrong in this picture. The selfie stick, really? Why would you need a picture of yourself with that vest and those glasses anyway?

This is not exactly what you want to find when you looking for your luggage? Why doesn’t he have pants on? And where did he put all the bags?

The same old classy tourist photo. How do you do it tourists? Look so classy wherever you visit?



And finally the classic sunburn vacation photo. Combined with Crocs! You can’t get much more touristy than that!


Tourists usually travel in groups, and are fascinated by even the most boring of animals in America.

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